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Geology of Great Britain


Southern Britain was mainly volcanoes (edge of Godwana) and Northern Britain was on
Laurentian plate. Britain was separated by a wide ocean (Iapetus oceon)

Example Lewisian complex found in an outcrop in the northwestern part of Scotland


In the early Cambrian period the volcanoes…

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Caledonian Orogeny

Period of mountain building caused by the closure of Iapetus Ocean, all the Iapetus crust
was crust was subducted and destroyed at this time. Sedimentation and volcanism
resulted from the two plates moving together. During the Caledonian Orogeny, fold
mountain of Himalayan proportions were formed over Scotland and…

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Variscan Orogeny

The closing of the Rheic Ocean at the end of the Carboniferous had a big effect on
Britain, but mainly effected Devonian and Carboniferous rocks. Fold Mountains were
produced by collisions of Laurasia and Godwana in America and Africa, but none in
Britain. There were folds produced which…

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The modern continents having formed, the Cretaceous saw the formation of the Atlantic
Ocean, gradually separating northern Scotland from North America. The land
underwent a series of uplifts to form a fertile plain.

the seas started to flood the land again until much of Great Britain were again below the…


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