C5 - Life cycle of Metals

C5 - Life cycle of metals

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  • C5 - Life cycle of Metals
    • Types of Metals
      • Different types of metals can impact the envirnoment
        • E.g. lighter cars, mean less fuel consumption, fewer emission, so vechiles could be designed with light metals
    • Recycling
      • For every tonne of steel recycled; a saving of 1.5 tonnes of iron ores and half a tonne of coal
      • Reduces the amount of rubbish sent to land fills
      • Reduces the impact on the environment, by cutting the use of raw materials
    • Mining the ores
      • Produces lots of noise and dust
      • Produces large volume of waste rock
      • Can be on the surface or underground
      • Can leave large holes on the ground
      • Uses lots of energy which comes form burning fossil fuels


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