C2 Material Choices- Making Life Cycle Asssesments

Just a little about what information is needed to make life cycle assesments

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Mking life cycle assesments

Each product has 3 main stages:

  • Manufacture (cradle)
  • Use
  • Disposal (grave)

The key features in a life cycle assesment include the following:

  • The main requirements for energy input.
  • The environmental impact and sustainability of making the materials from natural resources.
  • The environmental impact of making the product from the material.
  • The environmental impact of using the product.
  • The environmental impact of disposing the product by incineration, recycling or landfill.
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Materials and products

It is possible to mke a product from a different material for example, a spoon can be made from wood, plastic or metal. The life cycle assesments for products depend on the material they are made of.

A life cycle assesment can be used to compare and evaluate the impact of:

  • Making a product from different materials,
  • Making different products from the same materials.
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Life cycle assesment outcomes

It is possible to make a life cycle assesment for a certain material, when doing this what needs to be considered is:

  • the factors involved in the production of the material,
  • The factors that involve each of the products that are from this material.
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