Obtaining and using metals


Obtaining and using metals

Redox Reactions

OILRIG= Oxidations Is Loss, Reduction Is Gain (in terms of electrons)

An oxidation reaction involves gaining oxygen. E.g when metals react with oxygen, metal oxides are produced. When a substance is oxidised, it always looses electrons

A reduction reaction involves loosing oxygen. E.g when a metal oxide looses oxygen and returns to their normal form. When a substance is reduced, it gains electrons.

Reactivity Series

  • When metals react with other substances, they always form positive ions 
  • The easier it is to form a positive ion, the more reactive the metal is
  • Metals can be arranged in order of their reactivity

Metals that react with dilute acids:

  • Magnesium
  • iron
  • lead
  • aluminium 
  • zinc

Metals that don't react:

  • Copper 
  • silver
  • gold 


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