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  • C2b
    • Oxides, hydroxides and ammonia
      • ammonia dissolves in  water   to form an alkaline solution. ammonia contains nitrogen   which plants need to make proteins, so it is used to make ammonium salts which are used as fertilisers
      • ammonium nitrate is a particularly good fertiliser as it contains nitrogen from two sources
    • making salts
      • after making a precipitate, filtration and drying out are the next steps
        • precipitation methods can be used to remove unwanted ions, e.g. Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions from hard water
      • salts formed must be insoluble for viewer to see if reaction has taken place
        • if not, could use an indicator and measure exact volumes (like a titration)
    • bauxite, once mined and purified, forms aluminium oxide Al2O3


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