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  • C1b
    • fermentation = ethanol produced isn't concentrated and purified
    • polymers
      • plastic bags, memory foam, tooth fillings
        • plastic bags = polymers + corn starch
    • plant oils
      • food and fuel
        • fuels because of lots of energy e.g. biodiesel
      • loads of energy and nutrition
        • food and fuel
          • fuels because of lots of energy e.g. biodiesel
    • emulsions
      • food, moisturisers etc
      • hydrophilic head out, hydrophobic tail out - heads repel each other and prevent droplets from forming together
      • increase shelf life as they stop emulsions separating
      • risk of allergy e.e to egg
    • plate tectonics
      • fossils on separate continents, coastlines of africa and s america match, rocks with matching layers found, tropical plant fossils found in arctic
      • wegener thought tidal forces and rotation of the earth were the cause
        • thought imposible as the forces would have too be so great that they stopped the earth from turning
        • wasn't believed - he wasn't a qualified geologist, he had used flawed data
    • earths structure
      • earthquake predicted by strain in rocks underground,low reliability
      • volcanoes predicted by rising molten rock = bulge, low/medium reliability
    • evolution of atmosphere
      • -->earths surface is molten, atmosphere boils away     -->earth cools slightly so crust is formed          --> water vapour condenses to form oceans --> green plants and algae evolve over earth, CO2 dissolves in oceans           -->complex organisms flourish and ozone layer formed          -->4/5 N 1/5 O
      • primordial soup =  N2, H2 NH3 + CH4, lighting stuck causing reaction making amino acids, life crawled out of this primordial soup
        • miller and urey sealed gases, heated them and applied electrical charge for a week
          • amino acids were created but not as many as there are on earth - along the right lines but not quite right


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