buisnesss week 2

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  • 1.1.2 business
    • The chance of loss of money or damage to your business from decisions.
    • When a business is unable to generate enough revenue to cover all its costs. This may lead to business failure.
    • A key risk new businesses take on. There is no guarantee of success and entrepreneurs may feel there is a lot to lose.
    • Where the entrepreneur weights up all the risks and rewards before making a decision.
    • Entrepreneurial activity.
    • Being able to do things by yourself - a key reason for setting up your own business.
    • Where the business generates enough money to cover all the costs and a surplus is left as profit.What's left from the revenue once all the costs have been paid.
    • The benefits received from running a business. These can be financial such as profit and wealth, or non-financial such as independence.




just some of the key terms 

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