Goals before I leave High School

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  • Goals
    • In the next few weeks
      • To learn more about keeping myself healthy.
      • To learn more about my faith at the Pentecost event.
      • To audition as a solo flautist for the Summer Concert
    • By the End of Term
      • To have successfully completed my DofE expedition
      • To achieve the most improved award at my theatre company.
      • To get all of my lines correct in Honk Jr.
      • To achieve a grade 5 or 6 in all of my core subjects.
    • In the next few years
      • To get great GCSE's.
      • To achieve my Bronze and Silver DofE
      • To become a Student Leader and to hopefully be Head Girl
      • To become a part of a youth forum.
      • To have work experience as an influential person.
        • To have a purpose in life.


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