Buddhism 2

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  • Buddhism
    • Siddhartha's Story
      • 1. Siddhartha's father wouldn't let him leave the palace, because he doesn't want him to leave a religious life.
      • 2. Siddhartha leaves the palace & sees 4 diff types of people; an old man, an ill man, a dead man & a holy man.
      • 3. Siddhartha cuts off his ponytail and decides to leave a religious life and tried to find enlightenment. He then found  enlightenment and that was his gaol in life.,
    • The 14th Dalai Lama
      • There are lots of rules that you must do when going to see the D.Lama.
        • If you are standing, bow and put your hands together.
        • Never look the D Lama in the eye.
        • Never turn your back to him
      • Some people refer to him as 'Your Holiness'.
      • Tibetan's don't like killing things, because it could have been your mother in past life.
      • The Tibetan's hear on a radio from the Chinese that Tibet must be liberated (freed).
      • In the D Lama's home village people from China invade and lots of Tibetan's get killed.
      • The D Lama escaped with some other residents from his village and they went to live in India. They still live there today.
      • When the 13th D Lama died, in his tomb his head turned towards the direction of the 14th D Lama.
      • The assistant to the 13th D Lama had a vision that allowed them to find the boy that would become the 14th D Lama.
      • They found the boy from the vision and they gave him a selection of objects and claimed that all the 13th D Lama possessions even though they were dull.


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