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  • Buddhism
    • 4 Noble Truths -
      • Old Age, sickness & death will happen to us all - we all suffer.
      • Suffering comes about from wanting. (Desire)
      • Non- attachment is freedom.
      • Use your skills and follow the Eightford path
    • The EightFord Path
      • Right Viewpoint. You must realise the truths that the Buddha has given you.
      • Right thought. You must always make sure that you do all of these things (Eightford path) for the right reasons.
      • Right Speech. You need to speak in a way that does not keep focussing on yourself. You need to speak to others in a way that shows respect.
      • Right action. You must live your life in a way that you follow the teachings of the Buddha, by attempting to keep the five moral precepts.
      • Right Living. It is very important that you choose a job that stops you from being arrogant and leading you into violence.
      • Right Effort. If you are using meditation and making sure that you do the right things in life. Then you will not be attached to the outcomes of effort.
      • Right Awareness. Through meditation you become aware of all that you do in thought, speech and action.
      • Right Concentration. You need to be free worry and anxiety and envy in order to think clearly.
    • Meditation
      • Meditation is thinking deeply for religious reasons. Mental practice designed to help achieve enlightenment.
      • When Buddhists meditate they stay focussed.
      • There are two examples of meditation.
        • They breathe in slowily through their nose and feel relaxed. Paying attention so their mind doesn't think of anything. Concentrating on the rhythm of their breathing.
        • Imagine they are a large room and they see who they care about; they try to look at the faces carefully. Then picture someone in their minds they do not like; instead of feeling anger they generate warmth.
      • Buddhists raise flags with words of important mantra on them. When the wind blows they believe the blessing of mantra is carried in the wind.


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