breakdoen functions of the liver

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  • breakdown functions of the liver
    • deamination
      • remove surplus amino acids
        • results in the production of urea
      • remaining amino acids fed into cellular respiration
        • within mitochondria of liver cells
          • results in production of ATP and heat energy
    • detoxification
      • liver cells removing poison
        • e.g alcohol
        • breaks down into harmless chemicals
      • if paracetamol is overused
        • = liver failure
    • bile allows liver to remove poisonous by products
      • from metabolism
      • liver cells break down and recycle red blood cells
        • haemoglobin from red blood cells is recycled
          • two poisonous chemical are produced
            • = biliverdin and bilirubin
              • pass into the bile and out of the body
    • with liver diseases or obstructions
      • chemicals cant pass out in the bile
        • pass into the blood instead
          • results in yellow tinge to the skin and whites of our eyes
            • = jaundice


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