Brainwashing in a Dystopia

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  • Brainwashing in a Dystopia
    • Different types of brainwashing
      • Propoganda
        • Clockwork
        • 1984
          • Doublethink
          • Thought Police: O'Brian & Mr Char. believebility
          • BB everywhere
          • party slogans
          • telescreens
          • mini-love, mini-pax etc
          • teaching to children - 'child heros
            • eg Trogen Hourse
        • BNW
          • shape children through 'sleep teach
            • 'i am glad to be beta because we don't work as hard'
    • Other forms of control
      • Violence
        • 1984
          • Room 101
          • vaporising
          • 2 mins hate
        • Clockwork
          • alex's violent impulses
            • •Alex’s description of red red krovvy (blood) flowing “beautiful”
              • “Unfortunately there is so much original sin in us all that we find evil rather attractive. To devastate is easier and more spectacular than to create. We like to have the pants scared off us by visions of cosmic destruction.”
            • classical music moves Alex to a version of ecstasy, and he imagines hangings, bombings, and other acts of violence
            • isis
          • •Operant conditioning could be used to solve many societal problems, including warfare, crime, and overpopulation. 
      • sex
        • BNW
          • erotic play teaches children that sex is casual
          • soma
          • feelings of love removed
          • teachingsto children is taken on by children
            • eg Trogen Hourse
        • 1984
          • sex purely for reproduction
          • duty to party
          • only love the party and BB
        • clockwork
          • sex is violent; attempted gang rape of the 'weepy devotchka
          • not an expression of love or intemacy but an exhibitionof power and violence
    • How they try to rebel
      • desire to express opinion
        • john the savage
          • shakespeare
      • 1984
        • sleeps with prostitute
        • desire to form relationships
        • joins brotherhood
      • BNW
        • escape to reservation
        • desire to form romantic relationships
          • john at least understands that his angsty, impassioned love for Lenina is like something out of Shakespeare
      • clockwork
        • violence
        • music
          • his freedom
            • violence


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