Brain structrue and sch

brain structure

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  • Brain structure - Genetics!
    • Swayze 1990 - reviewed 50 studies of sch and found many had abnormally large liquid in the cavities of the brain.
    • Suddath - found same enlarged cavities when using MRI scans.
      • Other findings include: Large corpus collusm, high density of white matter in the right frontal lobe, small amount of grey matter in temporal lobes.
    • Andreaen et al 1990 - CAT scan study anf found enlargement of ventricles in sch. But only in men.
    • Research shows enlarged ventricles are also found in non sch patients which contradicts this as a cause.
    • Birth complications - complications during pregnancy such as bleeding can cause a child to be at a higher risk of sch.
    • Viral infection - evidence supporting the role of viral infection in the development of sch, including polio and flu
    • A02 - a decreased rate of blinking. a lack of a blink reflex in response o a tap on the forehead in sch.
    • Post mortem studies have shown damage in temporal and frontal lobes which have been linked to negative symptoms of sch.


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