Evaluating the multi-store memory model


Evaluating the multi-store memory model


  • Research support - Baddeley found that we mix up similar sounding words in STM, but similar meaning words in LTM. This contributes to the idea that LTM and STM are separate stores.


  • Countering research - MSM is not valid as studies are based off of meaningless numbers, words and consonant syllables.
  • More than one STM store - Shallice and Warrington studied KF who had amnesia. He could not process the digits when they were read to him, but when he read them himself he could. This suggests there are different stores between auditory and visual information processing in the STM, so the MSM is not correct
  • Elaborating rehearsal - according to the MSM, it is more important that longer rehearsal ensures transfer to LTM. This is disproven by Craik and Watkins, who found that elaborating rehearsal (linking new knowledge to previously known things) is more effective in transfer. This suggests the MSM does not fully explain long term memory.


Overall, the MSM model is incomplete and not effective at describing the different stores in our brain. 


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