Biochemical explanation of sch - bioloigcal

bicohemical - dopamine

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  • Biochemical explanation - genetics!
    • Dopamine hypothesis - sch is caused by excessive dopamine activity.
      • Neurons that transmit dopamine fire too often. Lowering dopamine can help to remove sch symptoms.
    • Evidence for the dopamine hypothesis - Neuroleptic drugs are given to sch to block D2 receptors.
      • More effective on positive than negative symptoms.
      • L Dopa, increases dopamine levels and produces sch symptoms.(Davidson et al).
    • A02 Parkinsons disease - patents suffering parkinsons are of relevance.
      • They have low levels of dopamine. their symptoms is uncontrollable movement of limbs. these are found in sch who are given neuroleptic drugs.
    • A02 Post mortems - Falki et al found in autopises that people with sch have more than usual D2 receptors.
    • Faulty chemicals or Sch?
      • Unsure is faulty chemicals are the cause of sch? or if sch is the cause of faulty chemicals?
    • Evaluation: lack of correspondence between taking drugs and signs of clinical effectiveness.
      • Not effective at treating negative symptoms.
      • PET scans have suggested drugs didnt reduce symptoms with patients diagnosed with sch for over 10 years.
      • Possible that social and environmental factors trigger the disorder.


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