Lake District - MEDC Flood

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  • Lake District, Cumbria (November 2009) - MEDC Flooding
    • causes
      • a massive downpour of rain (31.4cm) over a 24-hour period
      • long downpour caused by a lengthy flow of warm, moist air from the Azores. warmer air = more moisture held
      • ground previously saturated so additional rain flowed as surface run-off
      • imperbeable cumbrian mountains helped water to run rapidly into rivers
      • not enough space in channel to hold the fast surge of water
      • derwent and cocker already swollen with previous rainfall
      • cockermouth is at the confluence of the derwent and cocker
    • effects
      • over 1300 homes flooded and contaminated with sewage
      • a number of people were evacuated, including 50 by helicopter, when flooding cut off cockermouth town centre
      • many businesses flooded, causing long-term problems for local economy
      • people were told they couldnt move back into damaged homes for a year
      • cost of damage was £28,000 average per house
      • 4 bridges collapsed and 12 were closed
      • 1 dead
      • affected infrastructure (electrics, phones)
      • point of confluence likely to flood again
    • responses
      • government provided £1 million for repairs and paid for road/ bridge repairs
      • cumbria flood recovery fund helped victims, receiving £1 million in 10 days
      • network rail opened temporary railway station in workington
      • 'visit cumbria' website provided lists for recovery services and trades
    • management
      • £4.4 million management scheme
      • new flood defence walls - halt speed of river
      • sensors in river - help predict excess rainfall
      • river dredged regularly - deepens channel
      • floodgates at back of houses in waterloo street
      • new embankments raise channel height - reduces likelihood of extra floods


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