Battle For The Biosphere

Battle For The Biosphere

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  • Battle For The Biosphere
    • Factors affecting Biomes
      • Temperature and Precipitation
        • In tropics suns rays concentrated over small area  so veg grows well. Dense near equator. Polar areas rays less intense so veg growth is restricted.
        • Where air rises in low pressure belts this leads to precicipation which gives rainforests
      • Altitude
        • Height of land, as temperature decreases 1 dc every 100m
      • Continentality
        • Distance from the sea as it keeps places cooler in summer  & warmer in winter
      • Soils
        • Rich in nutrients will encourage growth of eco-systems
    • Value of the Biosphere
      • Goods
        • Medicine
          • Periwinkle-Used to treat some cancers
        • Timber
          • Wood used for construction of property, furniture and fuel
      • Services
        • Green Lungs
          • Forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere reducing global warming
        • Tourism
          • Scenery/Wildlife attracts tourists and provides jobs
    • Conservation
      • CITES
        • Stop illegal trade in animal products e.g. elephant ivory and croc skin
      • National Parks
        • Protect areas e.g. Lake District
      • RAMSAR
        • Conserving wetlands
    • Threats
      • Deforestation
        • Flooding
        • Reduced soil fertility
        • Loss of habiitats
      • Mining
        • Cuts away whole hillsides
        • Pollutiion from oil spillages
      • TNC's Exploitation
        • Cattle ranching, export meat to MEDC's
        • Conversion to farmland
          • Palm oil plantation in Cameroon
            • Loss of orangutan habitat and encourages wildfires
      • Climate Change
        • Habitats broken up
        • Extreme weather more common
        • Loss of keystone species
        • Pests and diseases will thrive in rising temps
        • Species face extinction
        • Glacial Melting
    • Sustainable Management
      • Klum, Cameroon
        • Selective logging
          • Trees only felled when reached a certain height
        • Afforestation
          • Tree nurseries to replace cut down ones
        • Protected areas
        • Ecotourism


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