Classics book 6

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  • BOOK 6
    • Athene comes to Nausicaa in dream; Nausicaa asks father for cart to do the washing
    • Goes to river to wash clothes, play. Athene arranges Od to wake - girls shriek at ball
    • Od confused- simile ('mountain lion), leaves trees, maids run except Na (Athene 'put courage into her heart')
    • Od supplicates her from a far. Offers to help him - xenia
    • Athene makes him look good. Maids give him olive oil to wash himself
    • Na gives Od instructions how to get to palace  (don't walk together look bad)
    • Waits in grove then go to palace - go to Arete (Na mother) prays to Athene


Linnea Rajal


Basic info for book 6

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