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  • BOOK 14
    • Odysseus goes to see his most faith steward of his property, his swineherd
    • the number of bores that Eumaeus looks after has drastically decreased due to the suitors
      • their eating habits are unsustainable
        • they frequently hold banquets using Odysseus' food
    • Eumaeus yearns for his master
      • he welcome Odysseus in and gives him a blanket
        • Odysseus asks the Gods to grant Eumaeus' greatest wish
      • he talks highly of Odysseus and how he looked after him
      • he wished Helen was dead because she has caused so much suffering
    • he shows good xenia
      • he offers Odysseus food and wine
      • he an only offer him suckling pig because the suitors have eaten all the fattened pig
        • they also drink his masters wine like it's water
      • fulfils the highest expectations of Homeric society
    • Odysseus asks him to tell of his lord
      • many people have told Penelope that they have news of Odysseus
        • even though these are lies Penelope listens eagerly
      • Eumaeus feels his master is dead and grieves for him
      • Odysseus swears by Zeus that Odysseus will return
        • and he will punish the suitors
        • piquant irony as Eumaeus doesn'tt believe him
    • Odysseus says he is from crete and his father is castor
      • he has been misfortunate because Ares and Atene no longer help him fight his battles
      • he did not enjoy working nor did he enjoy being a family man, his passion was fighting
      • before troy he had his own fleet and managed to take over a foreign island
        • he was both feared and respected
      • on his way back from troy he was passing crete when Zeus sent a thunderstorm
        • all his men when flung over board
        • he survived by clinging onto a mast
        • he then received Xenia from lord Pheidon who had also given xenia to Odysseus
          • he told him that Odysseus had gone to the great oak tree to find out how he should approach Ithaca after being away so long
        • he was given a ship and crew but the crew tuned against him and took away his rags and tied him to the benches
          • the gods untied him when they go to Ithaca
      • trying to be convincing and people love to hear travellers stories
    • Eumaeus takes pity on him
    • Odysseus told a story of troy
      • it was a cold not and he was worried the old would kill him
      • he told the messenger that he needed a message send to Agamemnon
      • the messenger threw of his cloak to run and send this message


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