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  • Blood
    • Arteries
      • the  walls are very thick
      • bllod flows at high pressures in areteris
      • blood flows away from the heart
      • made up of elastic ribres and smooth muscule
      • small lumen
    • Veins
      • veins carry blood back to the heart. most veins carry deoxygentated blood
      • veins have valves to prvent backfloe
      • vens have thibn walls but can hold large volumes of blood
      • pumpblood at low pressure
    • cappilaries
      • substances diffuse between cells and the blood quickly
      • walls are thin
      • no elastic fibres, collagen and smooth muscle
        • allows rapid diffusion
      • oxygen diffuses out. co2 diffuses in the blood
    • Blood Pressure
      • when heart contracts blood pressure is at its highest
      • peripheral resistance slows down flow of blood
      • llitle pressure is lost through arteries because theya are wide
    • Blood Clotting
      • 1.atlets in contact with damaged areties wall
        • 2.atletes become sticky
          • 3.platelets plug forms
            • 4cascade of chemocal changes
              • 5.prothrobin
                • 6.throbin
                  • 7.fibrin
                    • 8.tangled mesh
                      • 9.blood cells trapped
                        • 1o.a clot forms


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