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  • 1957 Civil Rights Act (Eisenhower-Shocked at Little Rock)
    • Aims
      • Increase the number of registered black voters.
    • Problems getting Act passed
      • Lack of support from Democrats
        • Eisenhower publicly admitted that he didn't understand parts of it.
      • Right-wing Southern senators were totally against it
      • Mixed opinion on Act from the Blacks
        • some said they'd prefer no Act at all
        • Some thought it was an important symbol, which could be better but could be built on
    • What the Act accomplished
      • Introduced penalties against anybody who obstructed someone attempt to register/ vote
    • Limits of the Act
      • Southerners against it: parts watered down or blocked
      • Trials
        • If found guilty of obstructing someones right to register
          • In South only whites could be jury members
            • Trials bias, would not sentence anyone guilty.


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