Black Panther

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  • Black Panther
    • Production context
      • 17th film iin the Marvel franchise
      • Directed by Ryan Coogler
      • Released in February 2018
      • Shows the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda which has avoided colonisation
        • Has achieved technological superiority through the use of vibranium
      • Produced by Marvel which is a subsidary of disney
      • No romance, sex or nudity so rated 12a
    • Critical and commercial success
      • Broke US records for it's opening weekend at the box office
      • Grossed over $1 billion worldwide
      • One of the only superhero films to be nominated for a best picture academy award
      • Won 3 Oscars
      • Teaser trailer viewed 89 million times in its first 24 hours
    • Media industries
      • The Black Panther party was a group for the civil rights movement
      • Donald Trump has not supported these movements and will not condemn white supremacy attacks
      • The numbers of POC shot while unarmed has led to the Black Lives Matter movement
      • Disney aimed to make the release into a cultural event
        • Made it from a superhero film into something more politically relevant
    • Marketing
      • Teaser trailers  shown between NBA games
      • Partnerships with companies that may not hit their target market
      • Released in Black History month
      • Welcome to Wakanda Catwalk at New York Fashion Week


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