Birth rate

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  • Birth rate
    • The number of live births per 1000 of the population per year
      • decreased
    • reasons
      • decline in IMR used to be 154 per thousand, now its 4
        • The number of infants who die before their first birthday per every 1000 babies born alive per year
        • medical improvements, better child welfare, improved housing, nutrition, knowledge
      • changes in the position of women
        • having no/less children. regard education and career as more important. easier access to abortions and contraception
          • sue sharpes and susan harper- education changed the mindset of girls
      • decline in TFR 1964- 3 2014-2
        • average number of children women have during their fertile years (15-44)
          • easier access to abortion, chaing positions of women, declining IMR, child centeredness
      • no longer economic liability
    • effects
      • reduce dependency ratio
      • smaller families
      • different types of housing
      • ageing population
      • fewer schools and childrens services
      • childcenteredness
    • effect of immigration
      • slight increase in births since 2001
      • babies born from immigrants account for 25% of total birth rate in britian in 2011
      • many of childbearing age


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