Biosocial Explanations Gender Dysphoria

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  • Biosocial Explanations Gender Dysphoria
    • John Money (NB This was the doctor in charge of Bruce Reimer's case)
      • Money argued that biological factors such as sex chromosomes can lead a child to develop male or female genitalia and may also influence temperament
        • These sexual characteristics determine what social label the child is given and how it is socialised which shapes its gender
          • Children are gender neutral at birth and can be socialised to become either male or female as long as this occus within the first 2 years of life
    • Evaluations
      • +Lytton & Romney - meta analysis - 27k children - encouraged to do different activities suited to their gender
        • Supports as it shows that children's gender is shaped by socialisation
      • -Bruce Reimer - penis destroyed - reared as a girl - v unhappy - reverted back to male
        • Does NOT support as it suggests gender is determined prenatally by biology such as hormones, which means children are not gender neutral at birth
      • -Quandagno - female monkeys - exposed to testosterone - became aggressive
        • Does NOT support as it suggests that biological factors shape gender such as hormones


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