Biology Investigative Skills Assessment Paper One

A Mind Map containing how to get full marks on the first section of the AQA Investigative Skills Assessment. Information has come from the mark scheme for the specimen papers and my biology teacher. Includes small visual triggers. 

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  • Biology ISA - Paper 1
    • Hypothesis
      • There is a link between the speed of muscle contractions and the time taken for muscles to fatigue.
    • Sources
      • Practical Advanced Biology
      • MyScience8
    • Equipment
      • Explain why it's needed.
    • Measurments
      • State what you are measuring.
    • Fair Test
      • Control Variables
    • Risk Assessment
      • State hazard, associated risk and prevention.
    • Method
      • Allow valid results
      • Faultless SPaG
    • Variables
      • Deoendent
      • Independent
      • Control
        • Say how
    • Unique Question
      • Can't really prepare - Make sure you know your sources and the science behind them!
    • Table
      • INCLUDE UNITS!!!!
      • Don't need columns for each trail and an average.




how do i access the answers?

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