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  • Biology
    • Biological molecules
      • Water
        • Properties
          • High specific heat capacity
            • A lot of energy needed to change its temperature.
            • External environments stay stable
          • High boiling point
            • A ot of energy required to overcome hydrogen bonds.
          • Solvent
            • Delta charges attracted to eachother. Ions can dissolve in it.
          • Flows
            • Can carry dissolved saubstance
          • Dense
            • Strong hydrogen bonds,. Ice floats.
          • Viscous
            • Streamlines animals can pass through. Canmove the momlecules away from eachother.
          • Surface tension
            • Cohesion stops columbns of water breaking. Animals can walk on water.
      • Proteins
      • Carbohydrates
      • Lipids
      • Biochemical Tests


Olivia miles


I found this mind map extremely useful :)

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