Cell Biology Topic 1 (all you need to know)

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  • Biology
    • stem cells
      • undifferentiated cell of an organism which divides to form more cells of the same type and can differentiate to form many other types
        • for example: Human Embryonic stem cells, Adult bone marrow and Meristems(plants)
          • Treatment with stem cells may be able to help conditions such as diabetes and paralysis but some people may dislike the idea of curing conditions with Stem cells as they blieve it is immoral as every Embryonic stem cell is a potential life
    • Cell division
      • Mitosis and cell cycle:Cell divides in a series of stages. The genetic material is doubled then divided into 2 identical cells
        • There are 3 stages in the mitosis cell cycle, Stage 1:Growth, 2:DNA synthesis, 3:Mitosis(divide to form 2 daughter cells)
    • Adaptations for diffusuion
      • The greater the diffrences in concentration the faster the diffusion rate
        • Diffusion takes place in the small intestine, Lungs, Gills in fish, Roots and finally leaves
    • Transport in cells
      • There are 3 ways movement occurs in ways and yes they are big words but you got to remember them for those A*s. There quite simple really, Just make sure you know them and there meanings for your exams
        • Diffusion (Movement fo gas in a solution from a higher concentration to a lower concentration, Osmosis( Movement of water from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution), finally Active transport this one is the same as Osmosis but it needs Energy while Osmosis doesn't
    • Cell=Nucleus=Chromosomes=DNA=gene


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