Core biology

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  • Biology
    • cells, organs, populations
      • cells
        • plant cell
          • valcuole
            • cell sap which contains sugar and salts
          • chloroplast
            • photosynthesis occurs i
            • contains chlorophyll
        • animal cells
          • mitochondria
            • where most reactions of respiration happens
          • ribosomes
            • where proteins are made
        • specialised
          • palisade leaf cells are adapted for photosynthesis
          • guard cells are adapted to allow gas exchange
          • sperm and egg cells
            • egg cell contains food reserves for the embryo
            • sperm cells has a tail to swim
      • organs
        • tissue is a group of similar cells
        • muscle is a group of tissues
        • organ is made up of tissue
        • organs are grouped into organ systems


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