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Tom Fortune…read more

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Animal And Plant Cells
Most animal cells contain a nucleus,
cytoplasm, cell membrane , mitochondria and
Plant cells contain all the structures seen in an
animal cell as well as a cell wall and ,in many
cases, chloroplasts and permanent vacuole
filled with sap.
Enzymes control the chemical reaction inside
cells…read more

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Specialised Cells
Cells may be specialised to carry out a
particular function.
Examples of specialised cells are fat cells, cone
cells, root hair cells, sperm cells.…read more

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How do substances get in and out
of cells.
Dissolved substances move in and out of cells
by diffusion, osmosis and active transport.
Diffusion is the net movement of particles
from an area where they are at a high
concentration to tan area where they are at a
low concentration.…read more

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Osmosis is a special case of diffusion
Osmosis is the diffusion/movement of water
from high water concentration ( dilute
solution) to low concentration ( concentrated
solution) through a partially permeable
membrane.…read more

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