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  • Biofuels
    • Ethanol
      • Fermentation
      • Oil substitute from **** seed oil.
      • Biogas (methane) is used on a small scale to power generators
      • Bio-ethanol is an alcohol mixed with petrol
    • Any fuel from a biological origin
    • Can be as polluting as petroleum-based fuels due to the energy used in farming and processing the crops
    • Brazil leads the world production of ethanol
      • Makes 16 million litres per year from sugar cane
      • 60% of new cars can run on a fuel mix containing 80% ethanol
    • Reduce in biodiversity as forests are cleared for monocultures
      • Palm oil plantations in Asian countries
      • Food prices may go up as more land is used to grow crops for fuel
    • Technical problems limit production
      • Only specific parts of the plants can be used
      • The tough cellulose in the plant cell walls has to be pre-treated before fermentation
      • Hoped that second generation of bio fuels will process the cellulose found in many plants making wastage less and production more effiecient


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