The carbon cycle

Biology Unit 4

The carbon cycle

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 5: On the wild side
9. Discuss how understanding the carbon cycle can
lead to methods to reduce atmospheric levels of
carbon dioxide (including the use of biofuels and
It is clear that there are a number of inputs and outputs to and from the atmospheric reservoir of CO.
Until recently, the two have largely been in balance but now it is clear that there is extra CO being
added to the atmosphere by human activity. Looking at the cycle it can be seen that there are a
number of ways we could intervene to offset this.
Reforestation will increase the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere due to an
increase in photosynthesis
Increased use of biofuels as opposed to fossil fuels could also help because the CO
released from burning the fuel will only have been recently fixed in photosynthesis; their use
is therefore carbon neutral.
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