BY5.8 Biofuels



  • any kind of feul that is biological in origin


  • wood
  • wood chippings
  • methane
  • ethanol
  • diesel
  • ethanol is made through fermentation
  • biodiesel is an oil substitute manufactured from oil seed ****
  • biogas (mainly methane) is used on a small scale to power generators

are they climate friendly?

  • in principle, they are a way fo reducing green houes gase emissions
  • burning fuels rleases CO2 but growing the plants absorbs a large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • energy used in harming and procesing crops can make them just as polluting as petroleum based fuels

where are they used?

  • sugarcane industry in Brazil
  • 60% of new cars run on a fuel mix that includes 85% ethanol
  • used within…




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