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  • Biofuels
    • Can be made by fermentation...
      • ...of natural products
      • Fermentation is when bacteria or yeast break sugars down by anaerobic respiration.
    • Ethanol made by Anaerobic Fermentation of Sugar
      • Yeast make ethanol when they break down glucose by Anaerobic Respiration.
        • The Ethanol is distilled to separate it from the yeast and remaining glucose
    • Biogas is made Anaerobic Fermentation of waste material
      • Biogas is usually 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide
        • Lots of different microorganisms are used to produce biogas
          • Can't be stored as a liquid as it needs to be a high pressure, so it has to be used straight away
    • Fuel production can happen on a large or small scale
      • Large-scale generators are now being set up.
        • Human waste, waste from keeping pigs and food waste can be digested by bacteria to produce biogas
          • By products are used to fertilse crops and gardens.


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