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Biogas and
A presentation by Vicky Howard,
Marianne Bradley and Katie
McArdell…read more

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Firstly, lets take a look at...
Biogas…read more

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So, what is Biogas, and how is
it made?
· Biogas is a renewable
alternative fuel
· It is made with rotting food
waste, animal and human
sewage. These are
converted into gas by
anaerobic conversion in a
·This technology is particularly valuable in
agricultural, waste treatment or animal processing
units where there is excess manure or farm waste…read more

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Hmm... so what is anaerobic
· Anaerobic conversion occurs
naturally: happening at the bottom
of ponds and producing methane.…read more

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Pros? and cons??
· Organic pollutants removed · Not very economically attractive
from the environment and used compared to other biofuels on
to generate useful fuels an industrial scale
· destroys disease-causing · The biogas yields are lower due
pathogens and reduces the to dilute nature of substrates
volume of disposed waste · DNA technology can't be used
· The methane in biogas burns to enhance efficiency of the
much more cleanly than coal, process
producing more energy with less · Biogas contains some impurities
emissions of carbon dioxide in gas form which are corrosive
· As well as producing the gas, to the metal parts of an internal
biogas digesters produce a high combustion engine
nutrient slurry fertilizer and
supports better sanitation on
farms…read more

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Anything else?
· How can it be used?:
· Most appropriately for domestic use, for cooking and
· Suitable for heating boilers, firing brick and cement
kilns and for running suitably modified internal
combustion engines
· Facts:
· There is a biogas powered train in Sweden between
Linkoping and Vaestervik, powered by cow waste and
· Diesel creates 20 times more carbon dioxide than
biogas…read more

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