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  • Biofuels
    • Biogas
      • Anaeobic digestion of biological breakdowns of organic matter.
      • mainly methane and carbon dioxide are made
        • plant and waste materials used in a fermenter
      • Compared to fossil fuels: Advantages; fuel prices will decrease, jobs, reduce use of fossil fuels, increase development. Disadvantages; Deflation of good prices, food and land shortages.
    • Biodiesel made out of rapeseed oil and plant oil. Bioethanol made from fermented sugar cane, wheat and plants.
      • Advantages of biofuels; more jobs, increase income for farmers, reduced fuel prices, renewable,
        • Disadvantages of biofuels; lots of land used, food shortages, increase food price, produces green house gases.
    • made to produce energy
    • Biofuels impact on the environment
      • the waste products methane and carbon dioxide are adding to the increasing levels, contributing to gobla warming.
        • If the Earths temperature increases then biodiversity will fall, migration patterns in birds, rise in the sea level, changes in distribution of species.
          • However this can be sequested in lakes, oceans and ponds. This is an important factor in removing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


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