Big questions

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  • Big questions!
    • Does god exist?
      • Theist= Believes in God. Agnostic= Not sure ( would if there was scientific proof). Atheist= Does not believe in God
      • Why would someone believe in God?
        • Things happen for a reason, The bible, Someone had to create life, Heaven or hell, After life.
      • Why would someone not believe in God?
        • There is no proof, Scientifically impossible, if God existed there would be no suffering, The bible could just be fake stories.
    • William Payley's Design argument!
      • He used a watch as an example. He said that a watch is complex so therefore it needed a designer. Then he said that the Earth is complex so that must have a designer too, which he thought to be God.
      • Problems with the idea!
        • The world does have flaws so it isn't perfect. God would not let Earthquakes and other natural disasters happen but they do.
    • Suffering!
      • Natural suffering
        • Natural examples of suffering are; Natural deaths, Illnesses, Floods/bad weather, Volcanoes.
      • Moral suffering
        • Suffering caused by humans/ not natural are;Starvation,Riots, Terrorists, Homelessness, War, Bullying, Crime and poverty.


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