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Place and purpose of humankind in the world


  • To serve God and live for him 
  • To obey God.
  • To enjoy the world and its fruits/resources.
  • To look after the world for God (Stewardship)
  • To look after and live in harmony with others.
  • To have sexual relationships and children ("Be fruitful and mulitiply")


  • To obey God
  • To preserve trees
  • To live in harmony and care for others (Love your neighbour as you love yourself)
  • To have sexual relationships and children
  • To look after the world for God
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The Creation Stories

Christian/Jewish views on creation

Christians and Jews believe that Adam and eve were the first people on Earth. They believe that God created the world in 7 days. His last creation being human beings, which he made very special by creating them in his own image and giving them a soul. Christians now worship on Sundays to remember that God rested on that day, after making the world for them.

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Literalists and Non-literalists.


  • Believe that the bible is exactly what happened.
  • Believe God's spirit moved across the waters.
  • Believe there were 6 days of 24hrs in which God created the world.
  • Adam was formed out of the dust of the earth and Eve was made from his rib.


  • Believe the creation story is not a literal account but does contain some truth.
  • Believe God did create the world.
  • Believe that God used the natural processes he created.
  • Believe that where were clear periods of time of creation, not 24 hours as such.
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The Big Bang Theory and Evolution

The Big Bang Theory

Many people believe that this theory is more acceptable than creation. This theory states that everything began with a big bang. 15,000 million years ago, the dense matter that made up the universe began to expand, bursting out with great speed and force. The knoweledge we have supports this theory. But:

  • It is only a theory
  • There are some unanswerable questions, such as, "What caused the big bang?"

The Theory of Evolution

This theory raises questions about about belief in creation. It is Darwin's theory of the origins of life. Darwin noticed how animals have adapted to their environment and was able to clearly show that this is true. This raises doubts about God's role in creation and suggets that rather than being created in God's image, humans have evolved from apes. many religious believers believe that God established the process of natural selection. But:

  • It is a theory
  • It does not explain origins of first life forms
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How are humans unique?

How are humans unique according to religious believers?

  • Capable of religious behaviour - Prayer, pilgramage etc.
  • Image of God - The Christian and Jewish creation story in the Bible and Torah say that humans were created special and unique.
  • Conscience - Inner voice in your head that tells you right from wrong
  • Soul - The part of you which lives on after death
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Christianity on Stewardship

Christiands believe we should care for the world. This is called Stewardship. They believe we have been given Dominionover all animals and the environment. They believe they will be judged on Judgement Day on how they have made a positive impact of the world. Christians believe that the world belongs to God and that we are just caring for it.

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