Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
      • 'YOU CAN IMAGINE USING IT TO CLIMB UP THE INSIDE OF A CHIMNEY' - Direct address is used to help reader imagine situation more vividly.
      • 'SCRAPING QUAKE' Descriptive language- imagery used. 'Scraping' evokes the sound that the rock makes as it shifts. 'quake' describes the vibration it creates.
      • 'ROUND ROCKS BELOW' - the alliteration of the 'r' sound emphasises speed and smoothness of movements.
      • 'FEAR SHOOTS MY HANDS OVER MY HEAD.' - short sentence is used. Direct. Person-ification of 'fear' emphasises how Ralston is no longer in control of his actions and his hands are working independant-ly of him- driven by fear- not calculated.
      • 'THEN SILENCE' - short sentence. Minor sentence suggesting how the incident stops as quickly and ABRUPTLY as it happened.
      • 'ROCK SMASHES' - violent verb- smashes. Also onomatopoeic.
      • 'GOOD GOD, MY HAND.' - emotive language. Religious language infers extreme emotion and desperation.
      • 'BUT I'M STUCK.' - short sentence to convey starkness of situation.
      • 'FLARING AGONY' and 'SEARING-HOT PAIN' - Graphic and metaphorical descriptions making reader imagine fire to convey the burning pain Ralston feels.
      • 'NOTHING' the single word 'nothing' used to end the text - stark and hopeless. Leaves reader uncertain of what happens next.
      • 'MY DESPERATE BRAIN CONJURES UP' - metaphor, personification of brain. Magical- desperation.
      • 'I COME'  - written in present tense . creates sense of immediacy to help reader imagine experience.
      • ''AS I DANGLE' - Turning point of the text. These words suggest being suspended precariously- reader gets a sense that a disaster is about to happen.
      • As the accident is described, the tone changes completely as Ralston panics.
      • Final word 'NOTHING' suggesting bleak prospect for escape.
      • First paragraphs  show his experience and confidence.
      • First Person
      • Present Tense for immediacy
      • Careful, technical description
      • Graphical description- and a lot of detail.
      • Emotive language
      • Metaphors (e.g. the metaphor of fire to describe pain)
      • Uncertain conclusion where Ralston appears isolated.
      • Description of time distorted by the experience of accident.
      • Short sentences to emphasise the shock and lack of hope. -starkness of situation.
    • QUOTES
      • 'I COME TO ANOTHER...' - shows Ralston has does this before- experience.
      • 'DIFFERENT GEOMETRY' - technical, mathematical terms showing experience and competence.
      • 'SHOULDER-WIDTH CREVICE... FRICTION CONTACT STAYS SOLID BETWEEN THE WALLS AND MY HANDS, FEET AND BACK' - Very detailed description of technique he is going to use. Gives impression of skill and experience - confidence in himself and his competence.
      • 'INSTINCTIVELY' - previously, Ralston's movements were calculated and planned but now at this point he acts with instinct.


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