Berlin Blockade/Airlift

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  • Berlin Blockade/Airlift
    • 1948-49
      • After WW2, Germany had a shattered economy
      • It was still split up into 4 zones
      • Britain and the US wanted to repair because they didnt want to spend anymore money
      • France was unsure with what it wanted to do
      • Stalin did not want to rebuild Germany and was suspicious as to why Britain and the US did
      • In 1948, Trizonia was formed, a merge between the 3 sides, with the help of Marshall aid.
        • Stalin felt this was formed so that they could attack him and after the new currency was introduced, he reacted.
      • In the East, there was poverty and hunger and people wanted to leave to go to the West
    • EVENTS:
      • Stalin tried to blockade Berlin by closing rail connection to West Germany
      • The West reacted by airlifting products into West Berlin around April where just under 1500 planes landed in 24 hours
      • They were provided with food, oil, clothing, ect.
    • RESULTS:
      • May 1949, Stalin lifted the blockade and this was a victory for the West
      • Germany was still divided but Trizonia became the Federal Republic of Germany in August. Later on, the soviet one became the Democratic Republic.


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