Berlin Blockade Airlift

Brief description of the Airlift with a popular source.

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Lauren Culpin
The Berlin Blockade was where Stalin wanted full control over Berlin and he wanted it to
become the capital of East Berlin. He blocked all the roads, rail and water passages into
the city so that fuel, food and essentials could not get through. The Allies options were
too do
nothing and let 2 million West Berliners suffer.
Attack the Barriers
Airlift Supplies
Or a counter blockade
The allies chose to Airlift in Supplies. They used three `air corridors' into West Berlin's
airports and they worked around the clock to send over supplies and essentials. It was a
dangerous job and they did it for as long as it took for Stalin to lift the blockade. They
imported essentials for two million people and this included lots of fuel especially in
winter considering this was their only hope of not freezing as the rest of the power lines
and fuel resources had been cut off.
The message of this cartoon shows that these
stalks, which are interpreting the aeroplanes, are
bringing life to the people of West Berlin by
dropping off food and essentials so the people of
West Berlin can survive. This cartoon also
shows Stalin watching the stalks and it shows
that he brings a threat to the stalks especially
whilst he is holding a missile gun in his hands. It
proves that Stalin has the capacity to shoot
down the stalks if necessary.
The cartoon brings out clearly how dangerous
the Airlift could be. With Stalin holding the gun, it
proves how easily Stalin could have induced a
Hot War by shooting down one of the stalks.


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