Belief about Deity

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  • Belief about Deity
    • Different opinons on what God is truly like
      • Is he a person, is he a force, or is there just one God?
      • Some believe in omnipresent-belief that God is everywhere
      • Some believe he's IMMANENT meaning he's in the world and takes a active role
      • Others believe in TRANSCENDENT-that God is above the world and doesn't involve himself in the world's doings
      • Monotheism is the belief that there is only one God
      • POLYTHEISM is the belief that there is more than one God
    • Reasons for belief
      • Upbringing will usually cause many children to believe in God, especially if their parents do
      • Religion gives people faith and answers many unanswered questions
        • This is known as the search for meaning as Christianity answers the question on why we are here
      • Design arguments
        • Mainly two arguments, are for the belief in God and try to help explain why there is a God
        • Cosmological argument
          • Belief that something cannot come from nothing-God must have made the Universe so God is real
        • Teleological argument
          • By William Paley who said that a watch, because it's so complex and unique, cannot simply come from nothing. It must have been designed by something and that designed must be all powerful-a reason for God.
            • Also supported by Albert Einstein who believed that a thumb, being so unique cannot simply be there without design
              • Also suggesting this for the universe for all it's wonders, that something must have made this to be like this
      • Miracles
        • Directly, religious experiences by an upper power to make a person believe in the power of God
        • Something extraordinary happens, going against the law of nature
        • Evidence from these from Jesus in the New Testament
          • Mark 6:30-44 where Jesus fed the 5000
          • Mark 6:45-52 where Jesus walked on water to catch up with his disciples'
    • Others disagree, especially on the design arguments on the basis of CAUSATION arguments
      • Belief that the Universe works on 'cause and effects'
        • Something is made by something else to cause another thing to happen
          • A cycle in effect
      • Some are agnostic-don't completely disagree with God but don't fully believe in him
      • Atheists are when someone completely disagrees with the belief of God
  • Christianity mainly believes in MONOTHEISM but also believes in TRINITY-God is made of three powers
    • Father
    • Son
    • Holy Spirit


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