Beethoven and the Development of the Symphony

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  • Beethoven & the development of the symphony
    • Symphony No. 5
      • Introduction of the Scherzo and Trio rather than the traditional Minuet and Trio in movement 3
      • Movement 3 - Movement 4. Whereas beforehand the movements were played separately, Beethoven has movement 3 move swiftly into movement 4 with no pause or break.
    • Symphony No. 6 'Pastoral'
      • In a traditional 'Classical' symphony there are four movements, however, Beethoven has five movements
      • Beethoven uses the instruments to imitate birds in his music, which was relatively new. However, the idea was also apparent in Verdi's 'Spring' from 'The Four Seasons'
    • Symphony no. 9
      • The most notable factor that was truly different was the use of a new instrument... the voice! In his fourth movement, more commonly known as 'Ode to Joy' a choir is also used with a tenor primarily having the solo


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