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  • Beatrice
    • Aware of E+C
      • B- "You gonna leave her alone? Or you gonna drive me crazy?" [E]
        • tired of their transverse relationship
        • driving her "crazy" ignoring it
      • B- "Well the, be an uncle then" [E]
        • aware of what E's talking about
        • hinting that he's behaving inappropriately
      • B- "You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!"
        • first time it's been said outright
        • break of tension
    • Scape Goat
      • C- "Why don't she be a woman?" [B]
        • B's fault
        • C would be a better wife
      • E- "You didn't used to jump me all the time" [B]
        • blamed for hinting at the events
        • unfair as she is remaining calm
        • suggests sh'es at fault for the change in their relationship
    • Controlled by Taboo
      • B- "When am I gonna be a wife again"
        • sadness
        • feels hopeless
        • elliding what she really means
        • hinting at C
      • B- "You gotta be your own self more" [C]
        • doesn't want to confront
        • disjunct between what B describes and how she describes it
        • unable to say what she wants to
      • B- "I'm no different" [E]
        • hinting that he is
    • Caring
      • E- "Because as soon as you [B] see a tired relative, I end up on the floor"
        • she rules the hosue
        • Eddie is resentful
        • nuturing
      • C- "He's a rat"     B- "Don't you call him that!"
        • despite everything B still loves him
        • Cs love has gone Bs remains
        • Untitled


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