Beatrice - A View From The Bridge

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  • Beatrice
    • Loving and Caring to everyone, wants everyone to be happy
      • Beatrice: (half in fear half in unutterable joy) they're alright?
      • Beatrice: [to Eddie] i'm just afraid if it don't turn out good you'll be mad at me
      • Beatrice: (astounded and afraid) I’m – I just – I can’t believe it! I didn’t even buy a new table cloth; I was gonna wash the walls –
    • Smart and understands that Eddie loves Catherine in a way he shouldn't, she's protective of Catherine
      • Beatrice: [to Catherine]But  if you act like a baby and he be treating you like a baby. Like when he comes home sometimes you throw yourself at him like you was 12 years old
      • Beatrice: I don't want to hear no more about it [talking to Eddie about the issue with Catherine living with Rodolpho]
      • Beatrice: She goes around shakin’ all the time, she can’t go to sleep! That’s what you call responsible for her?
    • Tells Eddie what he has to hear but doesn't want to
      • Beatrice: You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her [Catherine]!
      • Beatrice: You going to leave [Catherine] alone? Or you gonna drive me crazy?
      • Beatrice: They’re going to get married next week, Eddie
    • She will stay with Eddie, no matter what
      • How can she still be loyal to him? Is it because they're Catholics? The Church is none too fond of divorce. Is it because it's the 1950s? Women didn't have much power then. She is a housewife and has no experience with the working world. In a way, society has trapped her there.
      • Eddie: I do what I feel like doin’ or what I don’t feel like doin’. Beatrice: Okay
      • Catherine: How can you listen to him? This rat! Beatrice: (shaking Catherine) Don’t you call him that!
      • Eddie: Then why – Oh, B! Beatrice: Yes, yes! Eddie: My B! (He dies in her arms, and Beatrice covers him with her body.)
  • Beatrice


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