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  • B2 extra
    • Incubators
      • Have a temperature sensor
        • A thermostat with a switch, and a heater
      • Incubators react to temperature changes
      • Negative feedback
        • Any change in the system results in an action that reverses the change
    • Water homeostasis
      • Kidneys
        • Water homeostasis and exretion
        • Control water balance
          • By changing the amount of urine you create
        • Concentrated urine= lost liquid but same amount of waste
        • Water concentration is essential in cells for cell activities
        • Alcohol produces a great volume of dilute urine
        • Ecstasy cause small volume of concentrated urine
    • ADH
      • Receptors in the brain detect changes concentration in the blood plasma
        • When the concentration in too high, it triggers the hormone called ADH from the pituitary gland in the brain
          • When the concentration in low no ADH is released
            • The more ADH the more water is reabsorbed
          • ADH travels through the blood to the kidneys. These are the effectors.
            • ADH affects the amount of water that can be  reabsorbed back into the blood
      • Ecstasy increases ADH production therefore resulting in a smaller volume (alcohol does the opposite)


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