B1a - Fitness and Health

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  • agility
    • ways of measuring fitness
      • speed
      • strength
      • flexibility
      • stamina
      • Fitness and Health
        • blood pressure
          • dangers
            • if blood pressure is too high...
              • if a blood vessel bursts in the brain, it is a called a stroke
                • can lead to paralysis
                • can lead to loss of speech
              • if a blood vessel bursts in the kidney, the kidney can fail
            • if blood pressure is too low...
              • poor circulation
              • dizziness
              • fainting
          • measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg)
          • has two measurments
            • systolic pressure is the maximum pressure the heart produces
            • diastolic pressure is the pressure between heartbeats
          • factors that increase blood pressure...
            • being overweight
            • stress
            • smoking
              • carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, so the heart has to work harder to compensate
                • the carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin and so it carries less oxygen
              • nicotine stimulates the heart to make it beat faster because it is a stimulant
            • drinking too much alcohol
        • heart disease
          • factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease...
            • having high blood pressure
            • smoking
            • high salt intake
            • high saturated fat intake
          • cholesterol
            • a build up of cholesterol sticks to the walls of arteries
              • this is called a plaque
              • can slow down or block the flow of blood
            • if cholesterol builds up in arteries supplying the heart it can cause a heart attack
        • coronary artery disease
          • the coronary artery supplies the heart muscles with food and oxygen
          • if the coronary artery becomes narrowed or blocked the heart muscles will not be supplied with energy
            • this can lead to a heart attack
          • the clotting of blood in a blood vessel causing a blockage is called a thrombosis
      • speed
      • blood pressure
      • breathing rate
      • pulse recovery rate
      • cardiovascular efficiency


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