Unit 6: Diplomatic activity to avoid open conflict

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  • Diplomatic activity to avoid open conflict
    • England
      • Pacification of Ghent
        • Signed by English and Spanish - foreign troops expelled from Netherlands
      • 'Defensive neutrality'
        • French control - allowed them to expand
        • Semi-autonomous state - Netherlands
        • William Cecil, Lord Burghley - neutralist
          • Build up defences against possible attack.
      • Treaty of Nonsuch, Aug 1585
        • Promised to send foot soldier and cavalry under English command to Netherlands
        • Elizabeth demanded ports of Flushing and Brill
    • Spain
      • Treaty of Joinville, Dec 1584
        • Philip to assist Guise party to disinherit Navarre
        • Religious wars in France revived
          • Philip: ltd chance of French interference in Netherlands
          • Elizabeth: Couln't rely on French help in Netherlands. Franco-Spanish alliance
    • Diplomacy to settle disputes
      • Treaty of Bristol
        • Gold dispute settled
        • English Protestants in Netherlands allowed to practise religion
        • English rebels banished from Netherlands
      • Allowing privateers to close Channel to Spanish ships
        • Philip lifted trade embargo 1574
      • Elizabeth closed harbours to Dutch rebels and refused assistance.
      • Convention of Nymegen, 1573
        • Agreed to withdraw support for raids on Spanish shipping in Indies


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