Unit 6: Duke of Alecon and employing mercenaries

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  • Avoid being dragged into religious war
    • Relationship:Duke of Alecon
      • Control French interference in Netherlands
        • Alecon accepted sovereignty over Netherlands - dangerous for England
          • Marriage renewed
        • E - renewed subsidies to fund his expedition there.
          • He failed - leadership incompetant
      • Reduce power of Catholic League
      • French could dominate English policy and destroy Protestant Church
        • Privy Council disallowed marriage
    • Employing mercenaries
      • Francis Drake
        • Financed to circumnavigate around the globe
          • Attack on Spanish shipping - damaged Spanish finances
        • Raids on towns on north-west coast
      • Sponsoring John Casimir
        • Violent attacks on Catholic churches in Waloon - pop driven back to Spain


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