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This mindmap has most of the thins that need to be known for the second AS exam.

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  • Psychology- Abnormality definitions
    • What is Abnormality?
      • Behaviour against social norms or that harm themslves or others.
    • There are three definitions of abnormality
      • Deviation rom social norms
        • Behaviour volating accepted social rules
        • E.G. An individual laughing at a funeral
      • Failure to function adequately
        • An inability to cope with day-to-day living
        • An individual with agoraphobia who is afraid to leave their house
        • Feature of personal dysfunction
          • Personal distress - Includes depression and anxiety disorders
          • Maladaptive behaviour - Behaviour stopping individuals from attaining life goals, both socially and occupationally
          • Unpreditability - Displaying unexpected behaviours characterised by loss of control, like attempting suicide after failing a test
          • Irrationality - Behaviour in an irrational way
          • Observer discomfort - Behaviour causing discomfort to others
          • Violation of moral standards - Behaviour violating societiy's moral standards
          • Unconventionality - Unconventional behaviour
      • Deviation from ideal mental health
        • Failure to meet the criteria for perfect psychoogical well-being
    • Limitations


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