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    • Definitions
      • Element
        • A substance consisting of atoms which all have the same atomic number
      • Compound
        • A substance formed from 2 or more chemical elements, which are chemically bonded together
      • Mixture
        • A material system made up of 2 or more different substances, mixed, but not chemically joined
      • Atom
        • The smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist
      • Molecule
        • A group of atoms bounded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound
    • Separating Mixtures
      • Distillation
        • Separating mixtures of miscible liquids with 2 different boiling points
      • Filtration
        • Separating an insoluble solid and a liquid
      • Separating funnel
        • To separate 2 miscible liquids with 2 different densities
      • Crystilisation
        • Separating a soluable solid and a liquid
      • Chromatography
        • Separating different colours in  a mixture


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